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USS Lucid (MSO-458) US Navy Photo

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The Stockton Historical Maritime Museum is  established to preserve the rich history of the maritime industry of Stockton, California which began in the 19th century.  This industry started with freight shipping and passenger transportation from the San Francisco Bay to a departure point into the Gold Rush county of the Mother Lode.  Stockton prospered providing a maritime way point for points south, east and north.

As the maritime industry grew, so did the need to build ships and vessels to meet the needs of this shipping industry and provide some of the finest sailing ships, motor yachts, and military craft.

This rich industry bred numerous supporting companies and provided upwards of 30,000 jobs at peak ship building activity during World War II.

Many Stocktonians and their descendants can trace their livelihood and successes back to these companies that relied upon the strong maritime industry.

 The USS Lucid Restoration Project

In 2010 a new museum was founded with a unique mission statement: to provide, maintain and manage a maritime museum dedicated to the cultural heritage and historic recognition of the downtown waterfront.

The Stockton Historical Maritime Museum has acquired the former USS Lucid MSO-458, and a collaboration agreement was established with the San Joaquin County Office of Education to join with the museum in restoring this historic vessel as a floating museum ship with direct historical relevance to the diverse shipbuilding history in Stockton.

The Lucid is an “Aggressive Class” oceangoing minesweeper and a true sister ship (exact copy) of three vessels built for the US Navy in Stockton at the Colberg Boat Works in the early 50’s. Built in 1953 by “Higgins” in New Orleans, LA; she served her country for 24 years until 1976.

The museum ship is currently berthed at the “Building Futures Academy” site, where SJCOE students will be directly involved in all phases of this exciting project. Opportunities to learn and practice skills developed from woodworking preservation and finishing, drafting, electrical, plumbing and metal fabrication, to historical research will all be presented.

Upon return to its original appearance, the Lucid will be moved to become a representative part of the historic downtown waterfront area, near Weber Point, where over a thousand boats and ships were built from the 1850’s thru the 1980’s.

There, the museum ship will become a permanent icon, open to the public for tours and special events. She will serve to honor Stockton’s maritime and shipbuilding history, the men and women who labored there, and those who served aboard the small vessels that were such a big part of the US Navy.

Concept Photo of the USS Lucid docked in Downtown Stockton

USS Lucid Concept Photo for Downtown Stockton

Stockton is situated at the head of a navigable channel, several miles east of the San Joaquin River and approximately 90 miles inland from San Francisco Bay. The city’s strategic location along several waterways is what defined Stockton and its surrounding communities. During World War ll, Stockton was host to ten shipyards turning out vessels for the war effort. Today, the city continues to serve as a major shipping point for the many of agricultural and manufactured products of Northern California.



To create a permanent museum providing public access to Stockton’s historical and cultural past involving the use of ships to prosper its creation, growth and prosperity.



To restore, maintain, and operate the former USS Lucid AM/MSO-458 as a charitable and educational project to promote an appreciation of the history of American Naval Minesweepers.

73 comments on “Home

  1. Hello Maties, ETC Krisman is feeling much better now. The state of preservation much further along that I thought. Radio room started yet. 2 Al. radio operator desks found o set up equip yet. I have working Navy era receivers for a working display. Will show up soon and will call Rex. Tnx, Chief

  2. I was on the USS Aggressive MSO-422 from 66-68. I am very interested in your project especially the radio/crypto spaces.

    Did the Lucid have the addition of Iff gear which eliminated the psssage midship from port to starboard next to the mast?

    More pictures would be appreciated.

  3. I am a former reds dent of Stockton. When I left, Coleberg Boatworks was still relatively intact…
    Do you all think there is value in its preservation? Or any parcel in the imeadiate area?
    I hope you all all Great success. Thank you for your time- scott

  4. I did my time in the Navy on both MSO 427 and MSO 455 . I would like to help, I am only 54 years old and live close. Where are the pigs and kites, the mag tail and THE AFFF shack. Let’s meet help! Darrell 209 295 2588

    • Darrell,
      Sorry that I missed your comment. The pigs are out at the shop building. Smaller ones are being refurbished by students. We don’t have any kites that I am aware of. We have work parties on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. That is a great time to visit the ship at 3100 Monte Diablo in Stockton to familiarize yourself with what help is needed. I will try to call you too. Thanks.

  5. I have a copy of the MINE DIVISION NINETY-TWO 1970 cruise book which includes the USS Lucid’s last WestPac. I would be happy to provide you with a copy, if I could get some assistance in how to go about making a copy (56 pages).

  6. I was able to go aboard the Lucid the 27 th of March 2014 an got a personal tour of the Lucid thanks to John Van Huystee (great guy) he showed my wife an I the entire ship . A lot of things have changed since I served aboard her 1962 to 1965 but there plans are to change most of her back to orginal, they have completed the cpo quarters an sick bay with a good start on the mess deck, the rest of the ship is a mess with a lot of work to go.
    I couldn”t believe the warm feeling I had going aboard her after all these years a good piece of my youth seemed to still be their I went aboard being a seamen an changed rates to a fireman shipfitter stricker an latter made third class before seperation in 65. I served with Pat Murphy an Wayne Austin altough I don’t seem to remember either of them, My Best buddies were Gary Emch From Ill. an Ken Tanner from NY. I kept in touch with both of them till the late 60 s an then lost track of them.
    I donated a 1963 WesPac cruis book for there musem which they were gratful to have, lots of Info. Wouldn’t it be great to find the ships Captains Log book? Does anyone know what happens to them ?
    I look forward to watching the restoration progress in the future, it is said they will have her done in 5 years an ,I only live a 4 hour drive away by the Kings Caynon National park. Stay posted guys an remember they need a lot of volunteer workers.

    • Les,
      Thank you so much for stopping by. The instructor, John Van Huystee, said he had a great time and you provided some great insight and stories… not all of which could be passed on to the students. Hah. Thank you for the cruise book. It will join other great memorabilia we have gathered to be displayed onboard ship. Thanks for the update and your request to others for volunteers and assistance. Please feel free to return as we continue our journey. Rex


    • Sam,
      Thanks for the update. If you want to send photos that our curator can store that would be great. We have several Packard engines in storage that we will be re-installing. Be sure and sign up for the newsletter.

  8. I was on the USS Advance MSO-510 from 1963-66. Is there a plan to have a museum associated with the Lucid when it is finished? I have some MSO memorabilia that I’d be glad to donate. Let me know. I was an ETRSN thru ETR2 onboard.

  9. I was aboard the USS Engage MSO433 in 61-62 deck sn. I was in Stockton in 2012 but couldn’t get any info about the Lucid hope to see her when she is finished.

  10. I was aboard the USS Engage MSO433 in 61-62 I was in Stockton in 2012 but couldn’t get any info about the Lucid hope to see her when she is finished.

  11. I served aboard the Lucid from Dec 62 to Mar of 65. I was one of the guys that made a west pac cruise in 63 . many great guys aboard, an the food was special. My best shipmates was Gary Emch an Ken Tanner. I was very pleased to hear the Lucid was a simple short drive from where I live. I will be making the trip to visit her this summer.

  12. In the US Navy, there was no finer duty as an officer, but to serve time on an aircraft carrier like the USS Ticonderoga ( CVA 14), making cruises to WESPAC in the peacetime fifties. I miss those good old days.

  13. I am very pleased to see this note about USS Lucid. I hope to be able to see the ship again some day and to go on board if that is possible. Amazing to me that of all the MSOs of that era, Lucid is the only one to survive. I first went on board Lucid as a seaman apprentice in February or so of 1957. This was in Japan. Later that spring, in Long Beach, we celebrated the 2nd birthday of the ship with a cake. I later left the ship for 14 or so months duty at Midway which in retrospect has turned out to be a pleasant memory. A few of the men I knew at Midway had been in the sea battle which had been fought not too many years earlier, but I was still too young to appreciate the opportunity to get to know these men better. I had first seen the island from the deck of Lucid when we had a stop over. Finally out of the navy as RM2 in 1960; should have stayed in. Many people must think the same.

  14. Chief CIC M903 – M906 – Belgian Navy (1988- 1997) – Well done Guys, thanks for your effort on this project !

  15. Was a signalman 2nd class on the U.S.S. Firm from 1959 to 1963. Made one Westpac cruise. Most time was spent off the coast of Ca. Home port in Long Beach. Spent 2 1/2 years on the old U.S.S. Ticonderoga CVA 14. Mso duty was the best gig in the Navy.

  16. was on lucid 1967 EM2,tranfered to uss reaper mso467 1968,good people on those ships

  17. I served aboard the USS Impervious (MSO 449) in 1961,62,63. Worked Da Nang and Hue on WestPac. I was a SM…a rating that no longer exists.

  18. Good Job on restoring the ship. As a Electricians mate , i just looked at some pics of the cpo quarters, Did not see a ground bond on the j box ,they are needed on a mso

    • We have several electricians and they are trying to replicate the grounds and complete the wiring. The braided cable is to go in. We have adapted the electrical circuits to modern standards but well concealed in old hardware. Take a look at the restored fixtures on our facebook page if you get a chance.

  19. I went on board the USS Firm in December of 65 and left September of 68. I came in as a enginemen recruit And left Enginemen third class. Two trips to Nam, Typhoons, Broken propeller drive shaft. OH those were the good old days. :-) I do look forward to going down and helping work on the Lucid someday soon. thanks

  20. I grew up in Stockton – graduated from Stagg High 1965
    Joined Navy 1968 – 1968/69 stationed Small Craft Repair Danang, Viet Nam
    1969-1971 assigned to USS Force MSO-445, rebuilt Packard engines in Long Beach while
    the Force was in ship yard in Hawaii – ship’s engines were converted to Waukesha. Was on Force when it went to Guam from Hawaii.
    After I was discharged, went to work at Colberg’s rebuilding engines. Those years taught me lessons that I still carry with me.

  21. I am plankowner of the USS Agile MSO-421. Aboard March 1956 to Sept 1958, then USS Pinacle MSO-462 until September 1959. Great ships, great crews. Wish I hadda stayed in Mine Force.
    God Bless all.

  22. I was stationed on the Ilusive(MSO448) 1966-1969 saw the lucid many times here (pier 9) and abroad there is something to be said aout wooden ships and iron men.

  23. I have been watching the progress for the last few years in the sea grass levy up north. Was involved the the Save an MSO. Finally looks as if all the hard work of many and still many in the future will find us with a lasting tribute to this great grou of ships. I was part of ship’s company on the USS Guide MSO 447 1958 59. Cssn Thomas Owens . Upon leaving the ship in Dec 1959 was deployed to NavCom Sta Guam MI. for 18 mo. tour. I can’t wait to see the completion of this long adventure.

  24. Bravo, il reste des personnes soucieuses de maintenir la mémoire d’hommes et de navires qui ont contribué à écrire l’histoire. J’ai effectué mon service militaire sur un MSO (M 908 Truffaut en 1970 ).
    Notre forum (www.begian navy-be) essaiera dans la mesure de nos petits moyens de vous aider.
    Bon courage

  25. i was stationed in stockton waiting on the dynamic to be put in to comm. at colbergs boat works iam a plank owner of the dynamic an also the msoa assosiation i hope some day before i go to be able to come see the lucid

    • T.J. And I were shipmates on Dynamic MSO 432 in the commissioning crew. I also served on Gladiator MSF 319, Enhance MSO 437 (younger brother in same crew. ) Acme MSO 508′ Advance MSO 510, Woodpecker MSC 209, Widgeon MSC 208, Boat Captain MSB 7, Minpac staff, TF 59.2, and MinRon 11. Still had time to spend 15 months in DaNang, VN in the Swift Boats. Leroy Kenner, QMC Ret. Also on Cape MSI 2.

      • I’d like to find out what years E.L. Kenner was on USS Advance MSO-510. I was on it from 1963 thru 1966. Thankx. DeWitt Rathbun

  26. Deck division seamen Uss Engage Mso 433 built in Stockton 1953. Best darn duty in the Navy.Funny years pass and I myself discovered that behind my house on Flora street in Stockton my ship was built I served aboard the Engage mso 433 during Operation End sweep Vietnam . Cant wait to go aboard the Lucid

  27. Ken House

    Signalman 3rd class. I was a “plank owner” when the Lucid was commissioned in Algiers, Louisiana.
    As plank owners, we were involved with fitting out the ship’s spaces for our sea details. Shortly thereafter we “set sail” for Long Beach, California passing through the Panama Canal. Upon arrival, I was transferred to the USS Waxwing that was about to head out for Sasebo, Japan

  28. Radarman 3rd class. I served on two minesweepers USS Exploit MSO 440 and USS Excel MSO 439. It is great to see the Lucid has found a new home and that the last wooden hull mindsweeper of its class will be restored and on display as a museum in Stockton. I served on my two ships from 1968 to 1971 and was deployed to both the Mediteranean Sea and Viet Nam.

    • My name is Mike Harris. I served aboard the Lucid from March of 1969 till December 1970. I was a STG3 Sonar Technition when at sea and when not in a mine field the radar and radio operator . I reported aboard the Lucid when it was in dry-dock to have a new superstructure built to accommodate the new SQQ-14 sonar and all its auxiliary equipment including the big winch on the main deck forward of the pilot house. When we finished dry-docking we trained on the new system and prepared for a Westpac Cruise which began in February 1970 and ended in September 1970. It is interesting that I have not found any reference to the dry-dock period, new equipment, or any evidence of the 1970 deployment to Vietnam. It seams like 1970 and the last cruise of USS Lucid MSO 458 has disappeared. With my ship now becoming the Museum for the Stockton shipbuilding industry and a representative of the Minesweeping force of the Navy, it would be nice to have her last cruise be part of her history.

      I recently have had problems getting medical benefits because I can not find offical evidence that the cruise took place including our time on the DMZ and down on mouth of the Mekong Delta. I wish I had kept more pictures of that time, but the years and many moves have taken its toll on memory and materials. I think you were in the same division as I was during that cruise. I don’t remember the exact names of the other 3 ships that sailed with us, but one of those names ring a bell. If you have any information to share with me, I would appreciate it.

      I hope the years have treated you kind and hope to hear from you.

      • Mike, I was an STG3 on the USS Harry E. Hubbard (DD 748) and we needed to establish our time in Da Nang harbor so that our vets could get on the Agent Orang Registry. We did this by confirming ships location based upon ships logs. Our ship has a FB page and if you go on there are some ships crew members who have more info on the registry. Cheers Peter Lush

      • Mike,
        In March of 1968 I left the USS Enhance MSO-437 to return to college. At that time the Lucid (458), Enhance(437), Guide(447), Excel, and Leader were the ships of MINDIV 93 based at Pier 9 in Long Beach. USS Leader MSO-490 had the flag for MINDIV 93. I don’t know what happened between
        when I departed Enhance and you arrived on Lucid but I would guess that these were the names of the ships your were trying to recall. Westpac for all of us in MINDIV 93 was all of 1967.
        Stan Jones, xRM3, MSO-437

      • Dear Mike. Thank you for your remarkable story. Do you know what sonarequipment was installed on board these MSO’s originally? Presumably it was an early version of the AN SQQ14, but do you have any picture of that first generation sonarconsole?
        I am the vice chairman of a maritime trust in the Netherlands where we explore the former US MSO 483. See our website http://www.museumschip-Mercuur.nl . Thank you for your reaction. Regards Steve Muetstege RAdm RNlN rtd

      • The original sonar on the MSO’s was the AN/UQS-1D [or 1C]. It was a 1000 yd max range, 100KHz output frequency “sonar”. I put sonar in quotes because sonar stands for SOund Navigation And Ranging. Obviously 100 KHz is not sound. There was no audio, only a radar-like screen presentation.
        If you’re into electronics, the PA tube was a 4-1000. This tube was used as a booster amp by some HAM Radio operators. When I first went aboard my MSO, the USS Advance MSO-510, the sonar operators were SO’s, Sonar Operators. The maintenance on the sonar was up to the ET’s. I was very glad to see my first ST check aboard and take over. The UQS did not have a diving dome. The transducer could be pointed at any bearing, and from up 5 degrees to down 70 degrees. It was really accurate, and useful in navigating in harbor or near land. Hope this info is helpful. DeWitt Rathbun

      • I served aboard the Lucid as an EN1 from March 68 till Sep 70 when I was transfered to shore duty to train recruits. I do remember the dry-dock period and the rebuilding of the superstructure also the tour to Nam which was my last cruise. My service jacket does not show any info on westpac cruises so I would assume that would have to come from ships records

      • Mike Harris

        Mine Division 92 – 1970
        USS Lucid MSO 458
        USS Guide MSO 447
        USS Pivot MSO 463
        USS Advance MSO 510

        USS Lucid MSO 458 Market Time Patrols
        April 14, 1970 – May 8, 1970
        June 18, 1970 – July 15, 1907
        Reference: Mine Division Ninety-Two 1970 pg 51

        You are pictured STG3 Harris with the Operations Department (pg 45)

        I hope you will find this info useful.
        Ken Donnelly (EM2 USS Guide)

      • Dear Ken,

        Thank you so much for you reply about out cruise in 1970. For some reason, information about the Lucid is hard to come by. In your post, you mentioned that I was pictured with the Operations
        Department (pg 45), and a reference to Mine Division Ninety-Two 1970 pg 51. Please let me know what publication you are referring to and if I can get copies of these pages. I have been trying to get coverage for medical problems associated with agent orange, but so far they have label me as a blue water sailor and not ever placing foot on the soil of Viet Naum and so ineligible. The fact that much of what they sprayed on land eventually washed down the streams and rivers into the waters offshore where we washed our clothes, took swim call, and as a boat captain operated the z-boats for inspections of junks and other fishing vessels, doesn’t seemk to matter to them.

        Thanks again for responding and helping me piece together a history of my time aboard the Lucid and with out Division ovedrseas.

        Mike Harris

      • Hi Mike, I served on the Lucid from March 68 to Nov 70 before being transfered to shore duty. I registered with Hines VA hospital in Illinois and by giving them a copy of my DD214 (which I’m sure you submitted) I was eligible for agent orange testing. I came up negative on all tests. I remember being ashore in Qui Nhon in 70 which was the last cruise for the Lucid until she was decommissioned on Dec 23,1970. I found alot of information about the Lucid and the other ship I served on in Wikipedia.com. There are also many links referenced there for info and maybe you might be able to find the ships log. Its gotta be in the archives somewhere. The rehabilitation of the Lucid is coming along great, and I hope to get out to Cal. nextt year after my wife retires. Keep up the good work and hope to see you soon.

      • Hi Mike Harris
        Sorry for the confusion about the book I was referring to. I’d been corresponding with the Lucid site about having the Mine Division Ninty-Two 9170 cruse book copied for their use, and that part of the message got lost somewhere. The book was offered on board when we got back from WestPac through the yeoman. I’ve no idea how he ordered them.
        Regarding agent orange- one of my shipmates (MSO 447) was recently awarded his claim after years of dealing/fighting with the VA about MSO operations in Vietnam.
        Please contact me at kmdon8@aol.com for the particulars and other information.

    • I served on USS Exultant (MSO 440) from 1968-1969 and was transferred to USS Alacrity (MSO 520) until I got out in 1971. I was RM3 and probably served in the same squadron with Exploit while you were aboard.

  29. I would love to be able to get out there to see this.I served on the lucid june of 1960 untill april of 1963.

  30. This was my first ship after E M school in San Diego. I went aboard the USS LUCID in dry-dock in 05/63 Guam after several months we sailed to Japan and then back to Long Beach Cal. I made 3 class PO in 05/64 was transfer to the USS EPPING FOREST in Sasebo Japan

    • Probably after your time, but in 1968 (69?) I was on duty in the wire room at NavCommSta Guam, and handled Epping Forest’s distress call, “…have suffered major explosion and fire…” Was with USS Tolovana (AO-64) in ’69, and while passing through Sasebo, we were invited to remove anything useful from Epping Forest, by then a rusting hulk tied up in one of the caissons. I drove the utility boat that came alongside. As you might imagine, I have a bit of interest in the old E.F., but for literally decades, have been stymied in my attempts to find out anything. Finally, some years back, a guy at work gave me a book titled Weapons that Wait, a history of mine warfare. E.F. is not mentioned in the text, but there is a photo of three guys in coveralls rolling what looks like a gurney along a deck, with the caption, “CIA crew of USS Epping Forest laying mines off coast of North Viet Nam.” At least now I know why I could never find anything…

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