Class: Aggressive Class Minesweeper Ocean
Laid down: 16 March 1953 as AM-458 at Higgins Shipyard, Inc., New Orleans, LA
Launched: 14 November 1953
Redesignated: MSO-458, 7 February 1955
Commissioned: USS Lucid (MSO-458), 4 May 1955
Stricken: 15 May 1976
Original cost: $9,000,000

Length: 172′
Beam: 35′
Draft: 12′
Displacement: 775 tons
Armament: One single 40mm mount

3 thoughts on “Stats

  1. I served in the USS Inflict, MSO 456 from 1960 to 1963. Norv Azevedo, ETN 3

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