Museum Ship Weekend 2014

The USS Lucid Radio Group N6MSO has been working diligently to prepare for the June 7-8 weekend where they will compete to contact as many other Museum Ships around the world. Some of those famous ships include the Aircraft Carriers USS Yorktown, USS Hornet, Submarine USS Pampanito, for a total of 98 ships around the world. The Lucid Radio Group will broadcast from the ship’s site at 3100 Monte Diablo Avenue, Stockton, CA. Email us for more information.

New Instructor & Students Making Headway

With our new instructor, John Van Huystee, the students are getting 3 solid days of instruction and hard work a week. Considerable progress from this group is turning the tides and the rehabilitation effort is moving steadily forward at a much stronger pace. We need materials and supplies. Feel free to boost your contributions and assist in buying power tools, supplies, and materials including wood, metal and more.